I know, I know! Interest rates…BOOORRRRIIIINNNGGG!Unless you're an actuary or accountant or something, interest rate conversations can be an utter SNOOZEFEST!But, they're freaking Important! Especially when you're getting a mortgage!Obviously your interest rate impacts your monthly payment, but let's look at how interest rate fluctuations impact your actual buying power!How does a rise or fall in your mortgage interest rate determine how much house you can buy?LivingstonLifestyles dot com1-on-1 here >>> bit.ly/RachCalendarCall 517-Liv-LifeText 810-923-5421#LivLife #TheBest

Posted by Rachele Evers on Tuesday, February 13, 2018

When you're getting ready to ACTUALLY put your house up for sale, don't overlook this super important detail!It can help you optimize your house to sell FASTER and for the MOST money!Putting your house on the market to sell effectively requires a HOLISTIC View of the SELLING environment at that moment in time!Be a smart seller!Schedule a 1-on-1 (no pressure!) Here >>>> bit.ly/RachCalendar#LivLife#TheBest

Posted by Rachele Evers on Sunday, March 4, 2018